Saturday, April 21, 2012


I am going to show you how to make a fun friendship bracelet using a cardboard octagon and yarn.

 Start by using box cardboard. Cut a square that is about 3 ¼ X 3 ¼ inches in size. Cut each corner so that it makes an octagon. On each of the eight sides cut a slit about ½ inch. Poke a hole in the middle using something sharp. It would be smart to have an adult do all of the cutting for you.

 Cut seven pieces of yarn about one yard long. You can use seven different colors of yarn. For this one I used pink variegated yarn.

Hold the strings in your hand and make sure all the tops are even. Tie a knot about one inch away from the top.

Using a pencil poke the knot through the hole in the center of the octagon.

On the other side of the octagon separate the strings into seven of the slots. (You will be using the other slot when braiding the yarn.)

Notice me holding the yarn that is three strings away from the empty slot. You will begin braiding by using this string.

Take that string to cross over the other two, putting it into the empty slot. Continue doing this using the third string over, then placing that in the empty slot.

The braid will begin to appear underneath the octagon where the knot is. Do not pull on the braid.

Continue your braid until it is the length you want your bracelet to be. When I made my multi-colored one it was about twelve inches long, which wraps around my wrist twice. This cute pink one is about eighteen inches long, which wraps around my arm three times.


Pull each string out of the slots. 
Pull your braid out of the octagon. 
At the end of the braid, tie another knot.


Cut the remaining ends so 
that there is about one inch after the knot.

 Wrap your bracelet around your arm then tie or tuck the knots to secure them. You will have yourself a very cute bracelet!


  1. I should teach Tauni how to do that. Pretty Cool!

  2. that's so cool! excellent explanation