Saturday, May 5, 2012

How To Make A Dollar Store Bridal Bouquet

 This is me dressed in my white dress ready to play "wedding." I have made my own bouquet using only things I've found at the dollar store. This is actually pretty easy to do if you follow my steps!
 At the dollar store pick out three bunches of flowers in the colors you like. 
Choose some large, some medium and some small. I also bought one bunch of leaves.

Have an adult use wire cutters to clip each flower from the bunch. 
Also clip extra leaves so there is only one left at the top of the stem.

Remove the leaves from the flower stems.

  Tape each flower to the stem so they won't fall off when you've made your bouquet. My smaller flowers have more than one, so I taped each one and also where they join the stem.

Begin by placing your three largest flowers together. (Save your small ones for later.) Tape them tightly close to the top of the stems.

Add three more, tape them in place, and continue until all of your two largest kinds of flowers are complete.

 Use as much tape as you need to make sure they are secure. 
Then you can bend the wire of stems to make them look how you like.

 Take a stem of your small flowers and poke a bunch through the bigger flowers, then pull the stem through the bottom until they are in place. I used two like this on top of my bouquet. Then put the rest of the small flowers around the bottom.

Use more tape to make sure they stay in place. Then add stems of your leaves around the bottom and tape them too. It's hard to see, but I am holding one of the leaves.

Take the stems that are remaining, from the flowers that were removed with the wire cutters. Add them to the stems of the bouquet, to make the handle thicker. Make sure the bottoms are even, then tape them in different places so that they are tight.

 Florists use ribbon to wrap the stems, but I wanted to find something I could get at the dollar store, so I chose pink crepe paper. I also bought my tape at the dollar store.

 To begin, tape the crepe paper close to the top. Wind it tightly but carefully so it 
doesn't tear. Move down the stem until you reach the bottom. 
Cut the crepe paper then fold and tuck the edge inside.

 If you have a pretty pin you can have an adult secure the crepe paper, 
pointing the pin up into the handle. Using two pins looks very pretty.
 If you don't have an adult to help you, or if you don't have a pin, just use tape. 
The picture below shows my two pins.

 Your bouquet is finished, but you may want to bend some of the wire stems to make it look nicer.
 I saved one of my smaller flower pieces to make a grooms boutineer. 
I used some left over leaves and taped them behind the flowers.

Here is my bouquet, ready for the wedding! Also,
doesn't my little brother look cute dressed up to play
my groom?
You can play wedding too, using your own bouquet, dressing up, and if you're lucky, 
you might have a cute brother like mine to play your groom!


  1. That is the cutest wedding I have ever seen! Mr Gavin is adorable and very Handsome. You are the prettiest Bride in all the land.

  2. I love it Joscelyn. I have some pretty dollar store flowers, and now I totally want to follow your directions. If I do, I'll have someone take a pic and email it to you. I didn't know how to do this, so I'm glad you made a post about it. :)

  3. What a great idea to make such a pretty bouquet from dollar-store flowers! Now I know how, too. Have fun playing "wedding!"